Opportunities for Professional Development

PICO provides all network staff with on-going opportunities for training and professional development. PICO builds “learning organizations,” where every day provides a rich set of experiences for reflection and growth, and where every individual contributes to the knowledge of the whole.

To encourage a culture of on-going learning and personal and professional mastery, PICO offers staff a variety of professional development opportunities, including:

Network Trainings

National Leadership Training

Dozens of community leaders and organizers from across the United States gather for a 5-day, in-depth training in the core elements of the PICO organizing model.

National Staff Gathering

Every summer, over 150 professional staff from throughout PICO gather for a week-long staff retreat and development session. This is a time to build relationships with staff from throughout the network, reflect upon key learnings from the year, and strategize on current and future campaigns.

Skills Trainings

PICO holds regular trainings on core work areas such as fundraising and communications.

Issue-based Trainings

PICO holds regular trainings to help organizers and community leaders better understand various issue areas, such as education, health care, voter development, and immigration.

Mentoring Relationships

Directors of PICO organizations ensure that organizers receive the one-on-one mentoring and development they need to become proficient in the skills and practices of organizing.

Cohort/Peer Development

Staff from across the network form groups around areas of common interest or experience. Such groups include “first-year organizers,” “administrative staff,” “communications,” and “new directors.”

Online Social Network – MyPICO

PICO is committed to employing online tools to support and enhance its on-the-ground organizing work. To better facilitate the sharing of PICO’s extremely rich “human capital” resource base, PICO is developing its own online social network called MyPICO.