About PICO

Unlocking the Power of People

The PICO National Network brings together people from a wide variety of religious, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and political backgrounds, united by a common goal of finding practical solutions to pressing problems facing their communities, cities, states and the country. Rooted in the tradition of the Civil Rights Movement, PICO’s work is America’s unfinished agenda – to overcome inequality and oppression and make real Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of the “beloved community.”

PICO meets people where they are – taking into account the contemporary realities of the many cultures and faith traditions of our communities -- finds out where they want to go, and helps them develop the tools and skills to get there. Using this process, PICO has helped clergy and lay leaders in 17 states and 150 cities and towns across the U.S. win big victories around issues that matter most to them: reducing urban violence, improving public schools, making housing more affordable, empowering youth, and revitalizing neighborhoods.

Behind all of these victories are trained community organizers who have the skills to help people identify what they most care about, become experts on the issues affecting them, and develop the power to implement solutions they think will work best. PICO organizers teach people how to systematically re-connect to their greatest resource: each other.

For more information on PICO, visit www.piconetwork.org.